Work Smarter, Not Harder

It happens to everyone in this industry, as you grow and find success, your landscaping business will start to run you versus the other way around. Take back control with Horizon360, a powerful landscape business management system built to help you work more efficiently and run more profitably.

Work more efficiently.

  • Streamline and organize your workflow
  • Manage your employees, crew equipment
  • Maintain customer information, manage and track the work you do for them
  • Schedule work, create work orders and routes — and assign it to crews via our mobile app

Run more profitably.

  • Automate invoicing on completed work
  • Understand and analyze the productivity of your crews and equipment
  • Manage your budget, track profitability and calculate overhead costs down to the customer, job and crew

Grow Faster.

  • Create accurate, remote bids using our detailed virtual map tool
  • Manage leads and get more business

Gain a deeper understanding of your business.

  • Data-driven insights help you make smarter, more informed decisions
  • Improve and optimize project management
  • Better understand costs and expenses so you can price yourself to profit