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Work Smarter, Not Harder

It happens to everyone in this industry, as you grow and find success, your landscaping business will start to run you versus the other way around. Take back control with Horizon360 business management software. Seamlessly tie everything in your business together, streamline your workday, and put your data to work for you.

Horizon360™ Business Management Software. Work More Efficiently. Run More Profitably.

Managing and growing your business is hard work. Using a business management software system shouldn't make it harder. That is why we built Horizon360. If you can type and point/click a mouse, you have all the skills required.

Horizon360 is a powerful business management system built specifically for the landscape industry to help you:

  • Manage your employees, crew and equipment
  • Maintain your customer information and manage the work you do for them
  • Schedule work and assign to crews or employees
  • Track the work that is done (and not done)
  • Track your crews and assets
  • Understand and analyze the productivity of your crews and assets
  • Manage your budget, track profitability and calculate your overhead costs down to the customer, job or crew
  • Automate invoicing based on the work that is completed
  • Remotely view potential customer properties, size the property, create bid and manage leads
  • We tie all this information together to give you a deep understanding of your business

Demo Horizon360

Horizon360 Demo Site

Take Horizon360 for a test run with our fully functional demo site using our pre-loaded sample content or enter your own. Come back as often as you want – just remember any changes or additions you make will be deleted each time you leave the site. For best results, please access using a Chrome browser. We encourage you to demo other software – we think you’ll find Horizon360 to be easier, more intuitive, and more powerful!

If you would prefer to have a live demo with one of our agents, you can request that here as well.

Coming Soon: Timecard Management!

Horizon360 Features Coming Soon

Soon we will be launching an additional feature for your employees to clock in/out and manage their work hours.

Whether you want your employees to clock in and out from the shop or from a mobile device, you’ll be able to configure time tracking in a way that suits your operation.

You will be able to monitor, edit and approve work hours and sync them with your payroll system.

Pricing Options Right For You

No sign-on fees, no yearly contracts, no costly add-on user license fee like the other guys. Horizon360™ has options for you to get started driving stronger profits to the bottom line. Take your business to new heights with our basic or more popular enhanced tier. No matter the tier you choose, we guarantee world class expert on-boarding support at no extra charge.

30 day no obligation Free Trial



  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Crew Mobile App
  • Invoice Management
  • Quickbook Integration
  • Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Estimating

60 day no obligation Free Trial



  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Crew Mobile App
  • Invoice Management
  • Quickbook Integration
  • Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Estimating

Book It. Crush It. Bill It.

With seamless integration with QuickBooks® online, cut hours of manual invoicing down to minutes through Horizon360 job and contract management. Sync employees, equipment and add-on jobs to make sure work orders and contracts are paid in full. Horizon360 ensures you won’t miss billing for work completed and prevents accidentally billing for a job you haven’t finished.

Remote Estimations

Horizon360 enables quick, accurate and integrated estimates. Take complex estimations and simplify them with extremely accurate square footage boundaries. From irrigation to snow removal and lawn maintenance, estimations are easily converted into customers and jobs when the work is ready to schedule. Better yet, new customers automatically sync to QuickBooks®.

Be In The Driver’s Seat

Whether you’re running solo or have crews to manage, the Horizon360™ scheduling tool is easy and intuitive to use. Assign work, balance schedules or manage rain days by simply reassigning and rescheduling with drag and drops or just a few clicks. No job is lost, nothing is forgotten. On demand jobs and routes can easily be prioritized for snow, irrigation or storm events when normal scheduling isn’t an option.

Easy To Use

Horizon360 has everything you need. Fool-proof navigation in the left-side bar makes it easy to create a new job, then simply drag and drop to schedule. Sync your customer, employee, and expense data to or from QuickBooks online with a click. Need to edit a job? The right crew will be notified of the change in real-time.

On-Demand Job Tracking

Stay flexible with on-demand jobs that are always on deck, should conditions or the need arise. Build efficient routes of on-demand jobs for work with no known date, like snow removal. Forget someone? Edit a job, and push the change to the right crew in real-time.

Enhance the Bottom Line

Take the guesswork out of your business with Horizon360’s powerful analytics toolset. From crews to customers or equipment, you will be able to quickly learn where your business could be more efficient. Whether it’s more efficient route scheduling, more productive equipment or employees, or your pricing is not right, you’ll have the insights to improve with data, not emotions.

Tracking Equipment and Crews Has Never Been Easier

Simple device installation and Horizon360™ integration will have you tracking crews and equipment in no time. No matter the equipment brand, if it has a standard 12-volt battery you can track it. Curious what customers are causing profit challenges or where crews are lagging? You will get precise and actionable data with optional geofence job auto-starts, so your team and equipment are at the right place, right time.

Mobile App

Manage your crew’s daily schedule with ease. Send a simple code to your crew leads to get them logged in. No more truck dashboard logbooks or post-its. Field notes are organized by job and uploaded immediately to the system. Never miss and add-on job again. Running a diverse crew? The app is available in English and Spanish.

Mobile Crew and Customer Management

Daily Schedule

You or your crews will have their daily schedule and on-demand jobs at their fingertips. Manual or auto-start jobs and track your time versus the schedule.

Proof of Service

Take optional proof of service photos to safeguard your business and lower possibly lower your insurance rates.


Job Notes

Did your team perform add-on service on the job? Make sure you get paid by entering job notes and simply adding them to the bill or contract.

Crew Management

Toggle on or off equipment and employees for accurate job costing and profit analysis. The bilingual phone app is available on Android and Apple stores and access is granted by a simple pin code provided by you.

Download Now

The Horizon360™ app is available at the Apple App Store or Google Play. The App is compatible with Apple devices and Android devices using Bluetooth wireless technology. To check your devices operating system, click on the settings icon.

Expert Support

We’re here to help you cut down chaos and prepare your business for growth, streamlining & optimization so you can get back to what matters most. Get your questions answered quickly by phone, email, or chat.

How Do We Compare?

  Horizon360™ Software A Software B Software C Software D
One-time Set Up Fee N/A N/A $250 N/A $500
Subscription Fee $199 $200 $300 $350 $700
Total Annual Cost $2388 $2400 $3700 $4200 $8700
User/Licenses Unlimited Limited Limited Limited Addn’l charge
Data Management  
Employee's/Crews/Subs x Addn’l charge Addn’l charge x  
Customers x   x    
Equipment x        
Scheduling/Dispatching x x x x x
Crew Mobile App x x      
Invoice Management x x Addn’l charge x  
QuickBooks Integration x x x x x
Tracking x x Addn’l charge x x
Crew Mobile App x x x    
Analytics & Reporting x x x x  
Estimating x x x x  
Quoting x x   x  
Estimate Builder x     x  
Employee/Sub Time Tracking  
Employee/Sub Time Tracking x x   x x

Editor's Choice Award

Horizon360 Contractor Business Software Selected for Green Industry Pros Editor's Choice Award

The Green Industry Pros Editor's Choice Awards cover several landscape contractor product categories from lawn mowers to business management software, and everything in between. The winning products are selected based on a variety of factors including innovation, dependability and audience engagement online at GreenIndustryPros.com. Toro is honored to be the recipient of the 2020 Green Industry Pros 2020 Editor's Choice Awards for the revolutionary Toro Horizon 360 business management software — helping contractors cut down chaos and streamline operations in an easy-to-use software solution.

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