Easy to use. Easy to learn.

Simple, user-friendly design

  • Intuitive left side bar makes it easy to use and navigate
  • Effortlessly create and add jobs with drag and drop scheduling
  • Sync customer, employee and expense data with QuickBooks® Online
  • Edit jobs and schedules, notify crews in real time via our mobile app

Stay on track. Stay productive.

On-demand job tracking.

  • Easily flex schedules to add on-demand jobs to any route
  • Build efficient routes for on-demand landscaping, snow removal or irrigation job
  • Manage weather days
  • Edit on-demand jobs and push updates to crews in real time

Data-driven insights to boost your bottom line.

Valuable analytics tools

  • Powerful analytics tools remove guesswork
  • Optimize efficiency across crews, equipment and customers
  • Schedule more efficient routes to save time and fuel
  • Track employee and equipment productivity
  •  Analyze costs and expenses, optimize pricing accordingly

Your business at your command.

Simple, intuitive scheduling.

  • Digitize your operation, kiss spreadsheets and sticky notes goodbye
  • Optimize routes to save fuel
  • Create work orders, assign work, maintain schedules, manage rain days with just a few clicks
  • Avoid lost or forgotten jobs and missed invoices

Get paid more, faster.

Seamless QuickBooks Online® integration.

  • Maintain more accurate books
  • Cut hours of manual invoicing down to minutes
  • Automate customer payments and improve cash flow
  • Easily synch employee and customer information
  • Create contracts and manage jobs from bid to invoice

Turn bids into business

Accurate remote job costing

  • Fast, accurate bids without having to be there using our virtual mapping tool
  • Make complex estimations with detailed square footage boundaries
  • Convert estimates into jobs when work is scheduled
  • Automatically sync new customers to QuickBooks®

Don't punch a clock. Tap an app.

Horizon360 Features Coming Soon

Virtual timecard management.

  • Enable employees to clock in/out from a mobile device or a tablet in a shop
  • Track, edit and approve work hours
  • Sync with your payroll system

You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Mobile crew control and customer management

  • Give crews daily schedules on their smartphones.
  • Record add-on jobs and field notes.
  • Capture and upload proof of service
  • Available in Spanish for diverse crews.

Mobile Crew Control and Customer Management

Daily Schedule

You or your crews will have their daily schedule and on-demand jobs at their fingertips. Manual or auto-start jobs and track your time versus the schedule.

Proof of Service

Take optional proof of service photos to safeguard your business and lower possibly lower your insurance rates.


Job Notes

Did your team perform add-on service on the job? Make sure you get paid by entering job notes and simply adding them to the bill or contract.

Crew Management

Toggle on or off equipment and employees for accurate job costing and profit analysis. The bilingual phone app is available on Android and Apple stores and access is granted by a simple pin code provided by you.

Download Now

The Horizon360® app is available at the Apple App Store or Google Play. The App is compatible with Apple devices and Android devices using Bluetooth wireless technology. To check your devices operating system, click on the settings icon.

Expert Support

We’re here to help you cut down chaos and prepare your business for growth, streamlining & optimization so you can get back to what matters most. Get your questions answered quickly by phone, email, or chat.